3D Method

3d ProcessOur 3D Method is our approach for Design, Develop, Deploy process for application development.  Working with PeakForce provides you with a proven approach for building world class mobile enterprise solutions.  We apply various project techniques to your development project given the circumstances that may include Agile, SCRUM, RUP and/or Waterfall to support the project.  As well, we assign a project manager to work with your team to facilitate direction and communication throughout all phases of the project.

The steps through the development process of our 3D Method are as follows:

3D Design-Develop-Deploy Process

UI Design

UI Design iconThe enterprise application development consist of our UI/UX app design consultants that take business requirements to deliver end product. The design phase will provide an interactive experience into the usability of the app. Our designers love developing a UI that creates a top user experience of an app. Work with us to turn your concept into an interactive piece of art.


App Development

App dev iconOnce the process flow and app design is complete, we hand it over to the development and coding staff to turn the application to life. Our developers specialize in all aspects of developing mobile applications. At this stage, we will create the app functionality including database components, social media integration, GPS, and more. Upon completion of this phase, you will be able to interact with the app you envisioned.


App Deployment

Deployment iconApp Deployment is a cumbersome process and demands high level of expertise. Once we are done with the application development work, the deployment teams take over the process. When the application goes live, it is essential that every feature should work flawlessly. We use world-class tools in deployment so that mobile app operates at its maximum potential. Our team works in parallel to provide maximum visibility to your mobile app.

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