Licensing Solutions

mobile app licensePeakForce offers licensing solutions for organizations in the following areas:

  • Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that is a Hybrid approach to deliver robust UI, application processing, mobile infrastructure and support for every device and carrier possible. The solution is @rchetype and it is a tremendous enabler and capability that any organization, developer, architect would be blown away by its simplicity yet depth.  Click here for more information on @rchetype.
  • MobileNow! apps for airlines to support reservations, flight schedules, mileage/loyalty programs, upgrades, flight status, hotels, and much more.  This is the perfect solution for any airline – commercial, private, and other travel providers looking for their own mobile app.  PeakForce can work with you to define licensing terms for this app.
  • Enterprise Apps – PeakForce is here to create and develop enterprise apps for organizations of any size.  We recognize that organizations may desire to have us develop and manage their mobile enterprise apps that may include integration and ongoing maintenance.  We can arrange terms and licensing agreements.
  • Conference Apps – Need to put together conference apps that enable all participants to know their schedules, events, directions, and speaker bios? Contact PeakForce for how we can quickly put together conference apps for mobile deployment with quick turnaround and deployment into any app store.
  • Consumer Mobile Apps – Do you have an incredible idea for a mobile app?  Have you been thinking about building a cool money making app but you just don’t have the technical resources to create and deploy your mobile app idea?  Well, PeakForce would love to be your mobile application development partner.
PeakForce Mobile Enterprise Solutions